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She was about to marry the love of her life.

Then fate sent her the man of her dreams.


What would you risk for true love?       




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by Colette Faraway


Joanna has the perfect life - and she’s earned it. Despite a difficult childhood, she has built a prestigious career in New York and is about to marry Adam, her successful fiancé and the only man she has ever loved, in a beautiful ceremony.

When her boss sends her to Paris to meet a major client a week before her nuptials, she has no choice but to accept. But the night before she is due to fly back home to New York and only a few days before her wedding, an unfortunate event rocks her careful plans. She gets lost in the City of Light... and meets a mysterious, handsome loner.

That night wandering in Paris will change Joanna’s life forever. Why does the city bring out the ghosts of a long-forgotten childhood? Why is Paris keeping its secrets from her, only to reveal them as she lets go of her own? And will that intriguing stranger destroy her perfect existence, or will he turn into the inspiring soulmate she dreamt of as a little girl?

How can you ever be sure when life gives you only one night to fall in love?

If you like feisty heroines, a hint of fairy dust and the thrill of faraway places, come and spend the night in real locations around Paris, presented to you by an author who knows the city intimately.

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