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Would you like to READ BOOKS FOR FREE?


Are you a book lover who devours pages fast?

Are you good at giving feedback?

Would you like to be part of Colette’s creative process?


Then become an Influencer. How? 

Follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Click the button below.

2. Enter your email address.

3. Receive free books.

That's it!



LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY! Only 100 places available!



Frequently Asked Questions



What are the benefits of being a member of Colette's Influencers Club?

Free books and a chance to be part of the author’s creative process.

The Influencers receive FREE advance copies of ALL of Colette’s future books, in exchange for quality feedback. The books are sent out as soon as Colette finishes writing them, some weeks/months before their official release date. It is an extraordinary opportunity to understand how a novelist works and perhaps to even influence the outcome of a story. 

The revised, final version of the book will also be made available for free to members of the Club. 

Finally, Influencers receive notice of future discounts on all of Colette’s released titles, so that their friends and family can benefit from her books at their best price.


Who can be part of the Influencers Club?


Colette welcomes all kinds of readers. However, there are only 100 places available. If more people apply, they will be put on a waiting list and will become Influencers only when other members leave the club (or lose their membership - see below).


What do Influencers have to do?

Read a book and tell the author what they thought of it, before a set deadline. That’s it!

Along with Colette’s new, unreleased book, the Influencers receive a questionnaire drafted by the author. They are given a deadline to email their answers, depending on book length (typically: 2 weeks for a short novel). Their answers can be as brief or as detailed as they wish. That feedback is what Colette calls “CCC”: Courteous, Constructive Criticism. Even though there is never any guarantee that Colette will change the text according to the wishes of the Influencers, she gives careful consideration to EVERY SINGLE suggestion (this is why the Club only accepts 100 members).


How much does it cost to be a member of the Influencers Club?


It is 100% free, with no obligation to buy anything, ever. However, it is an exchange, so there is an obligation to send feedback. 


Can I lose my membership? 


Membership will be revoked if the Influencer misses two feedback deadlines. Or, as in any community, if she/he turns out to be an unpleasant human being. 


How can I stop my membership? 


Anybody can stop the membership anytime they wish, by simply sending Colette an email.


What if I think Colette’s new book is terrible?

That would be surprising!

Because Colette sends her books to the Influencers only when they’ve already been through a thorough editing process. But if the book is not to your taste, tell her why, with as much detail as possible: that will be a very valuable piece of information, and might very well result in Colette reworking certain aspects of the story. This is the raison d’être of this club!


Finally, will my data be shared with anyone else?

Absolutely not.

All Colette needs is an email address where she can send the free books, and that, as well as any feedback she receives, remains confidential.


Great! How do I join?

Just enter your email address here. Et voilà!




Frequently Asked Questions - For Influencers


Hurray, I’m part of the Influencers Club! But I haven’t received Colette’s new book yet. Why?

Because Colette is still working on it! Influencers only receive future books (not past ones). The next book is likely to arrive in your inbox soon; Colette rarely leaves more than three months before releases.


I sent back the questionnaire, but none of my suggestions are in the finished book. Why?

Colette is deeply grateful for any suggestions from Influencers, and she values each and every one of them. However, she is also the creator of the book and has the final say on it. There is never any guarantee that an Influencer’s suggestion will end up in the book, but you can be certain that every single one has been listened to and carefully considered.


I no longer wish to be part of the Influencers Club. How can I cancel my subscription?

Just drop us a line at and we will take your name off the Influencers list immediately. But do tell us whether you would like us to add your name instead on Colette’s regular Reader mailing list, where she sends freebies and exclusive offers!



Any more questions?

Send an email to

We'll be happy to help.







Colette Faraway 




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