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How to claim your FREE mini-guide to Paris

How to claim your FREE companion guide to the LOST IN PARIS series.

I was a Parisian for 7 years. This incredible city will never cease to puzzle, shock and enchant me - often all at the same time. Every street corner is alive with stories, and is of course the perfect backdrop for romance; Paris simply never gets old. I spent a lot of time selecting the locations for this book and the challenge was then to choose which ones were right for Joanna and James, the lovers of LOST IN PARIS. I relied on research, local advice and of course my own experience, because I wanted to use as little poetic licence as possible. Why? Because I believe my books are not just romance novels… they are an invitation to travel. With love. And books.

Before you grab your passport and go, all you need to do is enter your email here*

There is also an added perk: you will get the link to download Book 2 in the LOST IN PARIS series, for free, therefore saving $1.99. AND you'll get to hear about the exclusive offers on my books first.

See you soon... and enjoy Paris!


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