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If you like romance, this offer is for you! Hurry up, it's for one week only!

44 books for FREE... this week only!

I have just joined a group promotion with other writers of romance, that only runs until November 14th. The theme is "clean romance" and if the 44 covers are anything to go by, I'd say there's something for everybody!

All you have to do to start reading is go over to Instafreebie, choose the story for you and enter your email address to receive it... And you fancy trying all 44 flavours, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. As they say:

Now hurry up... and enjoy!


PS: do you remember that, if you're part of my mailing list, you can read FREE, not just BOOK 1 in my Lost in Paris serial, but also BOOK 2, therefore saving $1.99 / £1.99? The download link is in the "thank you" message you received from me when you entered your email. If you haven't received it, or - horror! - you're not part of my mailing list yet, then register here (remember you can unsubscribe anytime and I don't share your data with anyone). Or else, if you want to remain anonymous (I get it), then feel free to purchase BOOK 2 ("Lost in Lust") here.

Any more questions?

Send an email to

We'll be happy to help.

*just in case you want to share it with your friends, the link is:

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