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Goals, goals, goals

I'm a big believer in goal-setting (I'm a big believer full stop, in fact). And since we're on this journey together, I thought I would share them with you. Let's say you're my accountability partners. First things first: I'm nearly there on the last instalment of Book 3 (Lost in Love). After the major upset in Book 2, Joanna's fate is even more uncertain than ever. The ending is written in the stars, but the path she will take to get there is an epic ride.

Then, I would really REALLY like to read what my readers think of Joanna and James' romantic adventure. I am counting on you gentle souls to share your enthusiasm and spread the love - if possible where other people can see it! So that's my goal: one, glowing, beautiful 5-star review on Amazon. Right here...

Also, it feels very lonely over at Facebook. Right from the start, it was a conscious decision NOT to draw on my previous pen name's network of readers and influencers (for one, I was writing in a different genre), so I'm genuinely starting from scratch. If you ever get bored one of those days, pop over to my page or, even better, my FB group, and stay for a chat... Does item #4 on my Goal list require any explanation ladies? My cunning plan is to lose 2lbs so I can GAIN 2lbs with NO GUILT WHATSOEVER over the holiday. Speaking of holiday, last but not least, I have had this idea for a short story collection titled "A very Parisian Christmas" for a while now, and I hear Xmas is coming soon so I'd better get on it. Watch this space! That's it. What are your goals? I know it will soon be New Year's resolutions season... but there's nothing wrong with being a little early. Share in comments! Feel free to bet amongst yourselves on whether on not I'll achieve them by next newsletter (round about end of this month). Until then... Avec toute mon amitié, Colette

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